What does it MEAN to “BELIEVE”? … a little story

Painting by Dominic Davison

Brilliant Painting by Dominic Davison

You are on the side of lake and behind you the forest is burning. You have stockpiled canned food and your little house has been with you since the beginning. You know this lake like the back of your hand, its all you have known. The fire, in your opinion, is still a long way off. And although some have said it will come your way, in your heart you are doubtful any time soon, and why trouble yourself with tomorrow’s issues when you’re just fine today.

But then, Jesus comes knocking at your door and says he has come a long way, just for you, in order to save you and take you to a place where you’ll always have more then enough, a view that far surpasses whatever you’ve thought possible. On top of all of that, He, who fashioned and made your soul, will walk with you and love you and BE with you forever hereafter… IF you’ll come with him.

“Well…” you ask, “What do you MEAN by “come with you?”, what will that entail for my life HERE?”

He then lets you know that if you remain here you will surely die. The fires will come and you won’t have a way of escape. I’ve found the ONLY way to LIFE – and its through ME. “Do you BELIEVE that I am just what I say I am? Do you BELIEVE that I can SAVE you?”

You know, in your heart… that YES! He can DO just what he says he can do. “Yes, I Believe in you Jesus.” you tell him.

“Then Come! Now. With Me. You will have to TRUST me every step of the way. I will be your guide and give you that which you need every leg of the journey. It won’t be easy and people won’t  understand your leaving with me. But don’t worry about this and don’t fret. Understand, from this day forward of following me, you’ll not have any idea what is around the next bend – but again, be assured I will be with you always. Follow me.”

“What? Right now? Follow you?” you chuckle with dumbstruck laughter. But… He’s not laughing… no, He seems ready to head out now.  “Um… Can’t you come when the fire becomes more of an issue? I got all my gear, my homestead and this year’s fishing competition – which I’m sure to win. …You understand. I DO LOVE you and TRUST you  and KNOW that you care SOO deeply for me. Lord, know that I will build your reputation amongst these people here. Heck, you need someone here. Sort of… like an ambassador for you. They wouldn’t understand if I left… I mean, …they NEED me here.” and you go on. Thinking that with every justification Jesus will relent with his audacious “beckoning” today, and hopefully come to reason.

“…Believe upon the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”