What Jesus do you introduce to the world?

It is clear that our purpose in life is to give the people we encounter an opportunity to see what the real Jesus is like.
When we get real with ourselves, we have to admit that too often they see anything but Jesus in the way we live. Using others for our own advantage, being quick to judge and to speak poorly of others, and refusing to forgive make us just like the next guy. When others notice our “all about us” attitudes, any thought that we bear a resemblance to the real Jesus who came not to be served but to serve is “tarnished” by our obsession with ourselves. Why is it that we are prone to manifest as much greed, anger, aggressiveness, and sensuality as the average pagan? 
While we appropriately lift a prophetic voice against moral ills such as abortion and homosexual behavior, we are strangely silent on issues that touched the heart of Christ: poverty, oppression, and injustice.
Apart from our activities on Sunday and our conformity to external codes of do’s and don’ts, the world doesn’t notice much difference. All they are left to see in Christianity is the loss of a day of leisure on the weekend and the denial of common pleasures. Few people find that kind of Christianity compelling.

To stay in shape, What can you do to let the reality of Jesus clearly show up in your life?

-author unknown to me


What does it MEAN to “BELIEVE”? … a little story

Painting by Dominic Davison

Brilliant Painting by Dominic Davison

You are on the side of lake and behind you the forest is burning. You have stockpiled canned food and your little house has been with you since the beginning. You know this lake like the back of your hand, its all you have known. The fire, in your opinion, is still a long way off. And although some have said it will come your way, in your heart you are doubtful any time soon, and why trouble yourself with tomorrow’s issues when you’re just fine today.

But then, Jesus comes knocking at your door and says he has come a long way, just for you, in order to save you and take you to a place where you’ll always have more then enough, a view that far surpasses whatever you’ve thought possible. On top of all of that, He, who fashioned and made your soul, will walk with you and love you and BE with you forever hereafter… IF you’ll come with him.

“Well…” you ask, “What do you MEAN by “come with you?”, what will that entail for my life HERE?”

He then lets you know that if you remain here you will surely die. The fires will come and you won’t have a way of escape. I’ve found the ONLY way to LIFE – and its through ME. “Do you BELIEVE that I am just what I say I am? Do you BELIEVE that I can SAVE you?”

You know, in your heart… that YES! He can DO just what he says he can do. “Yes, I Believe in you Jesus.” you tell him.

“Then Come! Now. With Me. You will have to TRUST me every step of the way. I will be your guide and give you that which you need every leg of the journey. It won’t be easy and people won’t  understand your leaving with me. But don’t worry about this and don’t fret. Understand, from this day forward of following me, you’ll not have any idea what is around the next bend – but again, be assured I will be with you always. Follow me.”

“What? Right now? Follow you?” you chuckle with dumbstruck laughter. But… He’s not laughing… no, He seems ready to head out now.  “Um… Can’t you come when the fire becomes more of an issue? I got all my gear, my homestead and this year’s fishing competition – which I’m sure to win. …You understand. I DO LOVE you and TRUST you  and KNOW that you care SOO deeply for me. Lord, know that I will build your reputation amongst these people here. Heck, you need someone here. Sort of… like an ambassador for you. They wouldn’t understand if I left… I mean, …they NEED me here.” and you go on. Thinking that with every justification Jesus will relent with his audacious “beckoning” today, and hopefully come to reason.

“…Believe upon the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”

Talking about “IT” Cause we NEED to.

FREEDOMimageI remember hearing of a male porn star sharing that if “christian men” stopped looking at porn that the whole industry would collapse.

I believe it. The problem is of such an epidemic level, of men ensnared with not just porn but the entangled obsession of lust. We live in a day and age where the accessibility is just a click of a button away and there has been a VOID in way of leadership and VOICE towards young men that would lead them to believe that one could actually navigate and survive this morass. Most men have caved in to the belief that they will never be free and must just come to terms with their nature and their weakness. To say marriages have been undermined and men’s faith shaken is an understatement.

To broach upon this subject there is such HOPELESSNESS with men and a genuine terror, especially for those who know the Word and within their hearts the conviction runs deep. There is no doubt that men’s consciences (aside from those who have just seared theirs over the years) are severely being convicted. If I were to once again suggest that everything done in secret will be shouted from the housetops I know men’s hearts plummet within their chests. The truth is that conviction is present because THIS is what the Holy Spirit came to do and it is THAT WRONG (for sooo many reasons). Is God so cruel that He would point something out within us without providing that needed to remedy it? A problem is that when convicted, most men (and women) just remain “sorry” for their sin and try to heap upon that sin Good Things , sort of like an air freshener.  But still the problem persists! They discover that their nature is weak and will never overcome that nature. They need a NATURE GREATER then their own.

I know what it means to slink around and be ensnared… a slave of sin. We know what a slave is one who obeys his Master’s dictates. Men would like to excuse that their “Battle” with Lust as merely a struggle here and there… but for most, it has been a slavery and road of deepening bondage that began at a young age. Appetite grows every time it is fed and the eye never satisfied. Of course we are dealing with something that has been so swept aside… so locked up behind closed doors through shame. The truth is that if you have a room in your heart that Satan has a key to… who owns that house? Such HEINOUS stuff is going on… and it IS SHAMEFUL  what is going on. No need here to talk on specifics.

We must bring, not just this topic, but this issue into the light.

I think of in John 3 where he lays out the verdict. Light has come into this world but men loved the darkness more… less their deeds be exposed. The issue is NOT that men can’t be free, its that they are terrified to LET GO of that which they’ve always gone to for pleasure, for they have been fed from this pig pen all their days and they can’t imagine life without it. They blame God for not “taking it away” or changing them in some miraculous way… but this is no fault of God. God has made a way, but to follow and obey would mean to surrender ones self to a God and discover and experience HE IS ENOUGH… HE IS SUFFICIENT (which most never have had testimony of). it actually takes a ACT of FAITH to STEP INTO THE LIGHT… and be completely exposed. Many have stepped into the light in way of confession only to step back into the darkness. We see that confession does not bring freedom. Confession is great but if it is not met with REPENTANCE, in other words to SEVERE OUR FLESH and TURN and WALK THE OTHER WAY… to actually PICK UP YOUR CROSS, and DIE so that YOU MIGHT LIVE… -One must RUN to Jesus… not aimlessly – but to the Savior Himself. No other one can do what Jesus can.

Jesus CAME to SET MEN FREE. That was HIS PURPOSE. He did NOT die on a cross and RISE AGAIN so that you could remain in your sin. Some sadly stew in their sin with such pride and arrogance claiming the LOVE of God all the while as their “pass” and their “authentic-ness” as what God is pleased with. Sadly, if you live by the flesh … you will surely die.

AND THAT… is why this is SUCH A BIG HUGE HONKIN’ ISSUE that needs to be dealt with.

Here it is… You CAN be FREE. You can ACTUALLY have those shackles, those habits OBLITERATED. TODAY. Run to Jesus as though your life depended on it. YES CONFESS. But TURN… TURN to Jesus and let HIM take every thought captive. Let HIM be your source. Every temptation HE makes a way of escape. ABIDE in HIM… meaning PRAY at ALL TIMES with ALL KINDS Of PRAYERS. It is not a one time DEAL-E-O… NO! Daily take up your cross and FOLLOW HIM.

Truth is most people live a life cloaked in a religious sham and justify continuing to live and hold on to their sin. But that can all change with Jesus. (now when I talk of Jesus, I’m talking about the Jesus revealed in scripture… not this “God” that has been formed in people’s image… His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. While he Loves us… He hates sin and is opposed to the Proud. It would be best for us to learn of who He is. Seek Him and You will Find Him.


Love you.


Can you imagine me in your life and confronting you one day saying, “If you love your father or mother more than me, you are not worthy of being mine; or if you love your son or daughter more than me, you are not worthy of being mine.” and then I go on to say, “if you give up your life as you now know it and follow me you’ll discover it.” Then on top of this I go on to say if you DON’T follow me or give up all for me you’ll lose everything.

Come on! Can you imagine. What kind of person could ask for the very soul of another? Who would dare ask for such sacrifice and devotion. And not just that but for all your soul’s love. And to realize that someone Actually DID have the gall to ask for this. They equated surrender to themselves as one’s greatest service to God… that you would actually be loving God by uniting your soul to that of His and His will. Crazy!!


He was who He said He Was.

And, consequentially, if this is the case then the ramifications are nothing short of monumental to both you and I. He then lives today and His word stands firm to all. What He DEMANDS of your soul and mine is nothing short of EVERYTHING. And to NOT give everything is not an option. Consequences are eternal and more then intense.

He basically is saying that if you want LIFE you give your lift to Him and THEN He gives all of himself to you. He has made a way for you and me to actually become free from the entanglements of our sin and lies and discover abundant life. But it costs everything we know and have known.

Can we justify not bowing our knee? Can we afford another day living out of our selfishness and idolatry  as we give our hearts to everything else but Him.

But what I know is that Jesus IS WORTHY of everything he asks for and demands. For all authority on earth and in heaven is his. He is the one that every knee will bow to and every tongue will confess he is Lord… but will it be too late?

How good He is. I confess He is Lord today and what he has done within my soul is nothing short of astounding. I know where my heart was and where I lurked but this Jesus has freed me and shown me life. He saved me from myself and given me a new life that is beautiful and makes sense. He has saved my marriage and given me understanding of what matters. He has shown me a love that melts my soul within in. I am at Peace with the one who made me and fashioned me. He is worthy and true to his word.

Today surrender and give all.

Another Special Day

Why is this morning so special? I’m told that its because He Is Risen, Risen Indeed. So if this is True then I wonder what this Risen Jesus thinks of all of us today? It appears to be quite the ritual of getting all dolled up, dressed up and then parade on down to a very special service, commemorating this Risen Lord, speaking of this Risen Lord, Singing about this Risen Lord then going our way, back to life as usual. But it strikes me as odd, that if Jesus really is Risen and Living this very day then that means yesterday he was living – in other words he is as much alive Yesterday and Tomorrow as he is today!

And from what I gather, this Jesus sees things other don’t. I’m told to not be deceived that everything done in secret will be exposed… actually shouted from the rooftops. This Jesus looks past the veneer, past what others see, into my heart and mind – and there I am laid bare before this Risen Lord. I wonder, what does this Risen Lord see this precious day in the hearts and minds of those parading to the special service. Is he honored? Does he smile at what he sees done in secret in our lives? For there he is, PRESENT, in that moment as much as this moment and the next.

Do we believe that Jesus is who he says he is. Does he say what he means and mean what he says? For me, I believe in the Risen Lord and I’ve experienced the wrecking ball of his goodness and reality in my life. I know he lives this day and so I will worship him and adore him – why? because he is worthy. I can’t afford to hold onto the things that would separate me from him any longer as the cost is too high. But it is his very reality and living in light of him, that enables me to live in such a way that pleases him. Yes… He is Risen Indeed! And TOMORROW let that be what resonates within your whole soul – you see… each day has reason enough to celebrate when you are living right with him.