Guy Talk

Over the years I’ve periodically gathered with men to discuss the issue of SIN, FREEDOM from BONDAGE, Restoration of MARRIAGE and GOD’S INTENT FOR MEN.

ASIDE from being a very interesting talk as these issues are more often then not, skated around, it is put forward in a way that offers REAL HOPE for men. In fact Scripture and Faith make sense when we stop justifying sin in its varying degrees.

SO… if you want to gather and welcome this discussion within your midst or would just like to hear one man bare all… give me holler. My heart is for men with the belief that the Gospel, in its purity, revolutionizes a life in a way it will never be the same, which will involve in its fruit… freedom. TRUE FREEDOM.

And that is what GUY TALK is all about.







What is God’s intent for men?

We are wonderfully and fearfully made – and for a purpose. But we have all gone our own way, selfishly living and indulging in the perversions this life offers. We have given our Maker lip service here and there, acknowledging Him only to the degree we have chosen as acceptable. And is God okay with this?

You might be one that is fed up with yourself, having seen there is really nothing good in you. You’ve tried to “be good” and have seen yourself fail and fail again. You may be one that has come to terms with this and thought this is “just the way it is”. Some have believed and even taught others that as long as you are “Trying” God’s good with you.

I’m here to tell you, or maybe merely point out the message the Bible is chalk full of, but there is GOOD NEWS for YOUR LIFE.

The truth is your nature will never overcome your nature. You need a nature Greater then yours to overcome your selfish nature… this is where Jesus comes in.

Not only can you find Peace with God by acknowledging your sins, and repenting this day for all your wasted hears and hardness of heart toward your creator, but you can live in a “newness of life” by being clothed in the nature of Christ (by clinging and abiding in Him) you can walk as you never have before.

The truth is, once you cast off your wasted, sin filled life and comes to terms with God (and you come to him on his terms) faith will make sense, the bible will make sense, your life will make sense, marriage, sex, children… and you can discover that you can live in freedom from the sin that has entangled you all your life. You can have Peace, Joy, Love etc, etc…

This does come at a cost though and we all must first examine that cost. We want all the above but the conversation going on with most is… “Do I have to give up ALL my sin? I mean, does my life have to become all squeaky clean now and will I have to become one of those (God forbid) “Holier then though” kind of people?” – fair questions.

The answer is, following Jesus demands everything, meaning you must die to yourself to know the life of God… the abundant life, the life that makes sense. So, yes, the cost is great, but totally worth it. The thing is though, your life is truly unique, multifaceted, created for great things. How your life will look, and what you will become like no one knows but God. The certain thing is that those who follow Jesus uncompromisingly, become LIKE Jesus.

Jesus goes to the places… the dark places within our lives and cast his light there. He exposes everything and in that exposure he offers you and I LIFE.

This is where the conversation begins and it will truly wreck your “ordinary” in way that is glorious and amazing.

Come to Jesus and discover what it is all about.


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