My name is Mark. I have a family and I live in South Denver, Colorado.

I’m merely a bald guy who is stirred to share with others that which has transformed my own life. It wasn’t RELIGION, far from it. It wasn’t a book or even the Bible. No… It was the PERSON who the Bible spoke of and pointed to… Jesus.

I grew up with a deep understanding of Religion, the Bible and Jesus – PLUS was pretty well versed on “Evangelical Christianity” and what it takes to be a “Successful Christian”.  But… unfortunately all of that “stuff” did nothing to change me inwardly. I was still no different then the “world” and was perpetually feeling condemnation within for the sin I kept seeking – even though I knew it was wrong. I latched on to different messages that soothed me for a time, allowing me to believe that God loved me “just the way I was” and all of that conviction I was sensing was actually “Condemnation from the Enemy”.

All that changed when things hit the fan in my life. I was brought to my knees and I went on a journey daring to “question” things. My journey led me to a LIVING CHRIST, who was calling me to FOLLOW HIM. I was well aware, and shared openly with my God that what He WANTED and EXPECTED of me was IMPOSSIBLE… I’d TRIED! And that is when I discovered that YES, what Jesus called men to WAS IMPOSSIBLE – for who would get the GLORY if it was POSSIBLE? His call to me to follow Him was with the assurance that he would EQUIP and give me that needed to overcome.

The FRUIT, to my surprise, which had not been obtainable in my own efforts, was FREELY given to me when I simply WALKED and ABIDED in Him. I was given FREEDOM. The bible actually began to make sense when I stopped justifying my sin and my life apart from surrender to Jesus.

That is my day to day story. And I’m compelled to encourage YOU and others to come to Jesus and discover Life. Phycology only could teach me to COPE with my life in sin… Jesus came to FREE ME from my sin.

My God does the IMPOSSIBLE. My God is SUFFICIENT and ENOUGH. My God SUPPLIES all my NEEDS. My God is GREATER THEN ANY OTHER… HE STANDS ALONE. WORTHY of YOUR LIFE, MY LIFE and EVERYONE’S. He is not a god like religions offer, where he expects you to live from your own strength and give lip service to. No.

And… so here I write this blog… more to point to Him and share what He has done for me and is AVAILABLE to all.


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