What Jesus do you introduce to the world?

It is clear that our purpose in life is to give the people we encounter an opportunity to see what the real Jesus is like.
When we get real with ourselves, we have to admit that too often they see anything but Jesus in the way we live. Using others for our own advantage, being quick to judge and to speak poorly of others, and refusing to forgive make us just like the next guy. When others notice our “all about us” attitudes, any thought that we bear a resemblance to the real Jesus who came not to be served but to serve is “tarnished” by our obsession with ourselves. Why is it that we are prone to manifest as much greed, anger, aggressiveness, and sensuality as the average pagan? 
While we appropriately lift a prophetic voice against moral ills such as abortion and homosexual behavior, we are strangely silent on issues that touched the heart of Christ: poverty, oppression, and injustice.
Apart from our activities on Sunday and our conformity to external codes of do’s and don’ts, the world doesn’t notice much difference. All they are left to see in Christianity is the loss of a day of leisure on the weekend and the denial of common pleasures. Few people find that kind of Christianity compelling.

To stay in shape, What can you do to let the reality of Jesus clearly show up in your life?

-author unknown to me


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